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Collaborative Divorce – The Minimally Invasive Divorce

In his December 13th, 2010 article for the Huffington Post, Mr. Curtis Harrison asks, in an age of minimally-invasive medical procedures, “why do so many people still rely on flint knives and bear skins when getting a divorce?” An apt question given the complexities of family dynamics (especially for families in conflict) and the law’s assumption that one average solution is good for the average family – this, of course, begs the question: is your family an average family?

Mr. Harrison describes how Collaborative Divorce is the legal equivalent of minimally-invasive surgery, a “procedure that is revolutionizing the way couples dissolve their marriages.” He goes on to say:

Collaborative Law is the 21st Century’s cutting-edge alternative method of resolving such disputes without the use of a judge, jury or even a courtroom. This unique approach allows the participants and their respective attorneys to meet privately and work through and resolve every detail of a divorce or family dispute quickly, cost-effectively and in a dignified manner.

If you are thinking about a Collaborative Divorce, Mr. Harrison’s article is well worth reading.

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