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Family Law

Divorce is never easy. It is a complex set of emotional, financial, relational, and legal issues that seem to inevitably result in highly stressful conflict. Collaborative Family Law (also know as Collaborative Practice, no-court divorce, divorce with dignity, and peaceful divorce) is an interdisciplinary approach to separation and divorce that helps you resolve these difficult issues in a way that empowers your families to transition successfully into a new future.

By using a team of trained legal, financial and mental health professionals, the Collaborative process helps you reach a settlement that benefits the entire family and avoid the economic and emotional strain of the traditional litigated divorce. The Collaborative divorce process is client-driven rather than attorney-driven. The Collaborative team listens to and works with the divorcing couple so that each person’s goals are identified and helps you resolve disagreements using an interest-based problem-solving approach.

There is no pain-free way to divorce, but there is a way to respectfully resolve your disputes and to allow you and your partner to provide a future in which you and your children can thrive.

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