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Wealth Transfer

The death of a loved one is a time of great emotional loss and can be an expensive experience if there is no plan in place. The surviving family members are left to notify creditors, financial institutions, and other interested parties. There are funeral and burial arrangements to be made, debts and taxes to be paid, assets to be protected and ultimately transferred to the proper heirs and beneficiaries all in accordance with the decedent’s wishes.

A good estate plan identifies the various hurdles faced by your estate and minimizes their effects. The result is essentially a gift to your family, easing the administrative burden involved in managing and distributing your estate. A proper estate plan maintains your privacy and reduces the risk that the probate court will step in and manage your affairs.

Just like families, each estate plan is unique and is designed specifically to meet your needs. For example, Cameron Law may include various trusts in your estate plan if it would be beneficial to avoid a lengthy probate process. Cameron Law may use other techniques when there is a need to preserve unique assets like family businesses, legacy property (the lake cabin), or family farms and to empower trusted family members so that they can retain control of these assets.

Cameron Law works with clients to develop a unique plan that meets their goals. These plans come out of a complete understanding of the client’s needs and a knowledge of the tools and techniques currently available.

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