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Working With Your Lawyer

Like any relationship, a successful working relationship with your lawyer involves trust and cooperation, so:

  • Give your attorney complete and candid information.

Any detail might be critical to your case. By knowing all the facts, your attorney can determine what may be your best legal options. Facts that may seem unimportant or trivial to you may actually have significant legal impact on your case or legal matter. Even if you are embarrassed or unsure about sharing certain facts, you should share them with your attorney. Remember, the attorney-client relationship is one of the few legal relationships where discussions or communications between the attorney and the client are legally and strictly confidential.

  • Trust your lawyer

Be prepared to make full and honest disclosure of everything about your legal issue, including facts that may be unfavorable or embarrassing to you. Strict professional rules for attorneys require that the attorney keep information about you and your matter confidential.

If you are concerned about the confidential nature of your communications with your attorney, tell your attorney and discuss your expectations about confidentiality at the start.

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