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When Do I Need a Lawyer?

While there are many simple legal situations that you can handle on your own, it is best to consult with a lawyer when the circumstances and/or the laws are complex. Further more, lawyers can help you even if you don’t have a legal dispute with someone else. Think of it this way, legal advice is like medicine, you can use it to cure a problem, or you can use it to prevent a problem from arising. People often seek a lawyer’s advice when buying or selling a house, starting a business or for estate planning.

Lawyers offer specialized knowledge and experience for dealing with many of the important decisions you will face in your life, so you should consider talking to an attorney when facing major life events or changes such as:

  • Being arrested for a crime
  • Being served with legal papers
  • Being involved in a serious accident causing personal injury or property damage
  • A change in family status – divorce, adoption, death
  • A change in financial status – obtaining or losing valuable personal property or real estate, or filing for bankruptcy
  • Buying or selling real estate
  • Starting a business
  • Making or changing a will, creating or modifying a trust, probating an estate

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