Estate Planning, Collaborative Family Law & Mediation

The Collaborative Team

Divorce is a complex, emotional, financial, relationship-altering event with legal overtones. The team approach offered by a Collaborative Divorce offers you the support of skilled, compassionate professionals to help you manage the many aspects of your divorce. The team approach is flexible, you only use the professionals you need.

The Collaborative Lawyer

Though a Collaborative Divorce seeks to avoid going to court, divorce is still a legal process and your divorce settlement is still a legal agreement. Your Collaborative lawyer is there to advise you on all matters of law from child custody and support to maintenance agreements to financial settlements and property divisions. The Collaborative lawyer is trained in and makes a commitment to the unique practice of the collaborative model.

The Divorce Coach

Divorce is a major, emotional transition in your life. The Divorce Coach, a trained mental health professional, helps you manage the stress of changing relationships while focusing on your goals for the present and future. The coach works with you to make the most of your strengths and assists you in being at your best during the divorce practice and in taking positive steps toward your new life.

Financial Specialist

Since your divorce settlement will, in part, determine your financial well-being for years to come, it is critical that it be soundly structured. By reviewing all available assets and incomes, the Financial Specialist assists you in analyzing viable financial options. This guidance can help you protect your interests and evaluate your financial choices (something especially important if your spouse assumed more responsibility for the family’s finances). The Financial Specialist helps you lay the foundation so that you and your lawyer can construct a comprehensive plan for the next stage in your life.

The Child Specialist

Your children are at the center of your life and should be at the center, not in the middle, of your divorce. Children may suffer the most in a divorce (their world is being turned upside down) and be the least able to understand or express their feelings. The Child Specialist, an individual skilled in understanding children, will meet with your children privately and assist them in expressing their feelings and concerns about the divorce. By encouraging children to think creatively about the future, the Child Specialist then communicates their feelings, concerns, and hopes to you and your Collaborative Team for consideration when developing a plan for the children’s future lives.

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