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DIY Estate Planning

In these cost-conscious times, it is not uncommon to ask yourself: “why shouldn’t I write my on Will?” or “Why shouldn’t I use one of those on-line Trust forms?” after all, your situation seems simple enough, you know how you want your estate to be handled and, given all those readily available on-line forms,  it does not seem all that difficult to give everything to your spouse and children. Well, for an independent third party answer to those questions, you might want to read this article in Forbes: “What Could Happen If You Write Your Own Living Trust?

If you want the short answer, the following quote sums things up very well: “The trouble with do-it-yourself planning is that even if your situation seems simple, there are many oddball things a layman wouldn’t think of that can go wrong, especially with wills and trusts. These mistakes can end up costing you or your heirs a lot more than you saved in legal fees.”

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