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Collaborative Divorce: A Healthy Alternative

The end of a marriage is tragic and the process of divorce can often add to the pain. Divorce is colored by feelings of loss, confusion, and anger; it is hard to see a hopeful future when you and your partner can only see each other as adversaries.

Divorce doesn’t have to be this way. Inovative professionals (lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial specialists) have developed a constructive alternative to divorce as usual – the collaborative divorce. Collaborative Divorce is a thoughtful, reasoned approach to divorce based on 3 principles:

  • A pledge not to go to court
  • The honest exchange of information by both spouses
  • Solutions must take into account the highest priorities of all members of the family (both spouses and their children)

Collaborative Divorce operates from a foundation of mutual respect and cooperation and encourages both spouses to reach a workable settlement by building on areas of mutual agreement. For a personal look at a Collaborative Divorce, the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals offers a twenty minute film, Collaborative Divorce – A Safe Place, that follows the true life story of one couple’s journey through the Collaborative divorce process. This film features conversations with not only with the couple, but with the Collaborative professionals that make up the couple’s team.

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