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Collaborative Divorce: 8 Points

Considering a divorce? Consider that a Collaborative Divorce:

  • Encourages mutual respect
  • Emphasizes the needs of children
  • Avoids going to court
  • Keeps control of the divorce process with the individuals
  • Provides open communication
  • Utilizes a problem-solving approach
  • Identifies and addresses the entire family’s (both spouses and their children) issues and concerns
  • Prepares the family for a new future

A Collaborative Divorce may be right for you if you and your spouse:

  • Believe that it is important to protect your children from the harm litigation can inflict
  • Place a high value on personal responsibility in resolving conflict
  • Are able to focus on a positive solution that works for the entire family
  • Want to preserve a respectful working relationship with your spouse after the divorce is over
  • See the value in a full, honest, accurate, open exchange of information

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